I didn't receive my Rich Morning lesson this morning. What should I do?

There are several reasons why you may not have received a lesson, however:

  • Did you respond to your last Rich Morning lesson?
If youhaven't sent us your last lesson, it's normal that you haven't receiveda new one. We only send you new lessons once the previous lessons havebeen answered! If a lesson hasn't been completed for three days, wewill then re-send a lesson.
  • If you have sent us your last lesson, be sure that you have received the corresponding correction e-mail from Rich Morning.
If youhaven't received a correction, it's possible that we didn't receiveyour lesson. Note that the reception of your Rich Morning lessons is alwaysconfirmed with a window informing you that we have received youranswers (unless you completed your lesson offline). The best solutionis to re-do your lesson, which wasn't received by us.
  • Make sure that your holidays and days off are planned correctly
At thebottom of each Rich Morning e-mail, you will find a field in which to planyour forthcoming vacations and days off. This field can also be used tospecify which days of the week you wish to receive your lessons (5 days per week maximum). Make sure that your lesson was really scheduled tobe delivered today.